Iran Visa Services

Iran Visa Services

iran visa servicesWe can obtain a visa reference number which will help you get a tourist visa. With this
reference number Iranian visas can be obtained without the need of personally visiting an
Iranian Consulate in order to receive or apply for a visa to Iran. Our main office in Tehran holds an official license from the Iranian Foreign Ministry which enables us to apply for
Iranian visa reference number for those travelling with us to Iran.

Once you receive this unique  reference number, all you need to do is to visit Iranian
consulate/embassy in your country and give them the number; the visa will be promptly
If you live in a city or town where there is no Iranian Consulate, you can send your
passport along with this number by mail. The visa will be  issued and your passport will be sent back to your address. Please get in touch with the consulate to see if mailing service is possible.

As of Dec 2014 the nationalities of these countries:  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somolia can not get visa on arrival.

Note 1:
Iranian embassy might charge you a fee for issuing your visa. This is completely seperate with any amount paid for your tour.

Note 2:
All USA, CANADA and UK passport holders must travel on a group or private tour with a registered guide to be allowed a visa to Iran. Hence,
Americans, British and Canadians can only get visa if they have reserved a full tour through a registerd travel agency or tour company. The MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) requires those traveling by private car, bicycle or any mean of vihicle to have a guide from arrival point to
departure, this means you need to have a guide with you on a daily basis.

Note 3:
For the time being, visas for Americans & Candians can be issued at the Iranian Interest Section of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC.

Note 4:
Iranian Embassies might ask the following documents to issue your visa:

The orginal Passport (must have more than 6 months of validity left)
A copy of your passport photo page
Application form (sometimes available online)
Passport size photos (not smaller than 1”x1.5” or 2.5cm x 3.8cm) – 2 to 4 pices
Proof of medical travel insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage)
MFA Authorization Number ( will be sent through your travel agent).

For more information on how to apply for this reference number please contact us.

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