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Me & Italian desert runner in his run of Central Desert

Its the time to visit Iran.

As the founder of this website and a person who is in love of travel and has travelled to the four corners of the world, I have always been
interested in introducing my country, Iran, to the adventure tourists who wish to see new and exotic lands intact and untouched. In this
regard, I have brought together a team of professionals who are educated accordingly and know what they are doing.

Being an adventurist myself and dealing with adventure tourists for the past 10 years, we exactly know and understand their needs and wants. Our team of professionals can deal with any kind of adventure tourism such as mountain climbing, hiking, rafting, desert walking and so on. You just need to tell us where you want to go in Iran and what kind of adventure you are interested in and leave us the rest.

With the recent advances in political situations of the country and its effort to open up the doors to foreign tourists, we expanded our services from solely being an adventure tourism company to urban, cultural, historical……, tourism as well, as we were receiving loads of requests from people interested in visiting Iran for other purposes.

So for whatever reason you are thinking of visiting Iran, please get in touch with us and we will do our best in assisting your trip hoping that you will have a memorable travel to Iran.

Time For Iran works in partnership with Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel Agency. Our main office in Tehran is located at: Unit 1, First Floor, No 688, Najar Kala,  Imam Khomeini Blvd. LAVASAN,  TEHRAN 3341768801 IRAN.

visit Iran

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