Zagros Range

Zagros Mountain Range

The Zagros Mountain range stretches south and west from the borders of Turkey and Iraq to the Persian Gulf, and is Iran’s largest mountain range (but not the highest which are The Alborz), rising in the western half of the country and along the northern border.
The range is about 1500 km (932 miles) long and stretches from northeastern Iraq, to the Strait of Hormuz. Many peaks are higher than 2,987m. (9800 ft.). The tallest mountain is Zard-Kuh at an elevation of 4,548 m. (14,922 ft.). This range consists of folded mountains made up mostly of limestone and dolomite.

zagros mountain rangeSnow is common in winter, and many peaks have some snow even in summer. The winters are severe, with temperatures often dropping to -18° C (0° F). The Karun and Zayandeh-Rud rivers start in these mountains.

The most common ecosystems are the forest and steppe areas which have a semi-arid temperate climate.

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