Alborz Mountains

Alborz Mountains

Alborz Mountains with a length of 900 km is a major mountain range in northern Iran. It stretches from the borders of Azerbaijan and
Armenia in the northwest to the southern end of the Caspian Sea, ending in the east, near the borders of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

The term “Alborz Mountains” has been loosely used in reference to all of the mountains of northern Iran. The Alborz Mountains gain their
maximum height and density along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea where they create a formidable barrier that separates the coastal plains from the internal plateau of Iran. Close proximity to the Caspian coast has created a steamy lush environment on the coastal plains and the northern-most slopes of the mountains. In some places (near the coastal towns of Ramsar and Noshahr), the strip of land between the mountains and the sea is no more than one kilometer wide.

alborz mountains

 The southern slopes of the Alborz drop onto the central plateau of Iran. The average elevation of this plateau at the base of the mountains is around 1500 m. In contrast to the lush northern slopes, the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains are barren. Trees can be found only on stream banks at the bottom of the
valleys. Grasslands, alpine tundra and permanent snow cover the higher slopes of the Alborz range. Winter brings a heavy coat of powdery snow, creating an ideal place for skiing. This much snow provides enough fresh water for the nearby cities
including the 10 million mega-city of Tehran. The distance
between 5671m Mt. Damavand and  Haraz Valley with an
altitude of 1000m in northeast of it, is less than 17 kilometers!

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