Forests of Iran

Forests of Iran and the flora

Forests of Iran cover more than one-tenth of this country. Plentiful rainfall, a mild climate, and a long growing season have combined to create a dense forest of high-quality timber in the Caspian region. There is an extensive growth of temperate-zone hardwoods, including oak, beech, maple, Siberian elm, ash, walnut, ironwood, alder, basswood, and fig in the forests of Iran. About half of the Caspian forests consists of these trees; the remainder is low-grade scrub. The Zagros Mountains in the west and areas in Khorasan and Fars provinces abound in oak, walnut, and maple trees. Shiraz is renowned for its cypresses.
forests of iranMore than 2,000 plant species are grown in Iran. The land covered by Iran’s natural flora is four times that of the Europe’s.Iranian forests can be categorized ecologically as consisting of the following biomes:
1. Caspian broadleaf deciduous forests
2. Arasbaranian forests
3. Zagrosian forests

The important species of trees on commercially usable forests are:

Beech Fagus orientalis
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus
Oak Quercus castaneifolia
Alder Alnus subcordata
Maple Acer velutinum
Linden Tilia caucasica
Persian iron wood Parrotia persica

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